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Holocaust Museum Opens

The central gallery in the Holocaust Museum. The map shows the locations of concentration camps.

Alex Scheman, Editors-in-Chief

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The locker rooms and basement hallways were cleared this morning as English teacher, Ms. Sapozhnikov, and her Holocaust class students presented the reopening of Bronx Science’s Holocaust museum as part of April Genocide Awareness Month.

From periods four through six, seventy-five alumni, donors to the museum, and invited faculty filled the museum to view the invaluable artifacts. This is the first time the holocaust museum has been open in three years and the product of a project that has been in the works for over a decade. The idea came to fruition years after the original idea to create the museum was proposed by the late Bronx Science social studies teacher Stuart S. Elenko.

“Students have been not only working on the artifacts for the museum, but also learning about the holocaust as well as many other moral issues concerning genocide and stereotyping around the world through history,” said senior member of the Genocide Awareness and Leadership class, Sammi Lubliner. “Today was especially moving because all these alumni who were really amazed with what they and their successors were able to accomplish.”

The school reports that over $500,000 was spent on the construction of the museum itself and over 1,000 artifacts have been collected over the past thirty-five years.

“We ushered and controlled the flow of the ceremony and got a chance to present what we have been working on for so long,” said Lubliner.

The museum not only stands as a great accomplishment for the school and the students who worked on it, but also served an emotional gathering of alumni, whose contributions have made the museum possible.



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The student publications of The Bronx High School of Science
Holocaust Museum Opens