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Beat the Cold

Chirlien Pang, Observatory Staff Reporter

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Students set exciting and new fashion trends during this winter season. 

The Winter season may feel like a gloomy and dull time. On top of balancing school work and many extracurricular activities, putting together outfits that are both fashionable and appropriate for the cold weather can be a difficult task. However, students of the school were unique and were able to carve out their own styles. They started new fashion trends that kept them warm as well as current.

One popular trend that many people wore were crew neck or v-neck sweaters over collared shirts. Unlike just a normal, bland sweater, the extra collar gave a scholarly and studious look to many students. Sophomore Julia Donheiser was one of the many that tried out this style and loved it. “I wear this look a lot because it’s just really nice and clean. The combination of the sweater and collar work very well together and its easy to put on in the morning,” Donheiser said.

In addition to the new sweater styles, students also took a popular type of pants, leggings, and made it their own. While many students still wore the normal cotton black leggings, other students revamped these bottoms by wearing variations of them. Students were seen wearing printed leggings, velvet leggings, fleece leggings, and more. Senior Casey Lipton bought a pair fleece leggings without thinking much of them at the time, but found them surprisingly helpful in the winter. “I love my fleece leggings because they look like normal leggings, but there are actually fleece inside. I not only stay warm and cozy, but also fashionable,” Lipton said.

Eye-Catching Emeralds. Normal, basic pants like leggings can get really boring and dull by the winter season. However, freshman Sarah Fineman switches it up by wearing a different type of leggings. “I like leggings because gives my outfit an extra boost. The color and the velvet material really ties my whole outfit together,” Fineman said.

Lastly, the halls were filled with the western look, as well. Many students were seen pairing cow boy boots with their outfits. Junior Clara Dutton-Kneaves, a student who often wears boots, found herself picking her cow boy boots over her other boots a lot this winter. “These boots are great because they are really comfy and versatile. I can wear them with any outfit and my feet don’t hurt by the end of the day,” Dutton-Kneaves said.

Howdy, Partner! It can be difficult to afford the newest types of clothing and accessories for students especially since many are on a budget. This is why students, including junior Clara Dutton-Kneaves, love timeless pieces of clothing and shoes. “The versatility of my cow boy boots are so great. I can wear them during any season and I can dress them up or down,” Dutton-Kneaves said.

In general, despite the long days and brisk weather, students of the school still found time to be interesting and individual. They were not bogged down by their coursework or activities, but instead tackled each day of this season with full energy while looking more chic than ever.

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The student publications of The Bronx High School of Science
Beat the Cold